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Spiral Staircase Cylinder Aquarium 

Spiral Staircase Cylinder

 This particular cylinder aquarium runs through two floor levels in a custom designed, built-in residential installation.  The aquarium is the central focus of an incredible spiral staircase wrapping around the display.  We crafted an artificial reef in the form of two sculpted inserts.  These hug the back wall of the display and twist away to follow the wall as the spiral stairs wrap and change what comes into view as you ascend or descend the staircase.    Plumbing and filtration components are concealed within the artificial reef and run top to bottom in the aquarium display and back to the filtration room under the staircase.  The overall effect is incredible. 



  • Height 180"

  • Width  42" Overall

  • Capacity approximately 800 gallons

Two Story Cylinder

Cylinder Aquarium Exhibit runs through two stories and provides the central focus of spiral staircase.

Two Story Cylinder Reef
Reef Inserts

The Coral Reef Inserts conceal the internal filtration components and plumbing which run top to bottom and to filtration center.

Cylinder Aquarium Spiral Staircase

Stairs run tight to the aquarium diameter.

Spiral Staircase Cylinder Aquarium
Installation of 2 story cylinder

The cylinder was delivered from our facility from a full 16' feet height.

Cylinder Aquarium Installation

Cylinder Exhibit was rigged from above and pulled into position in the center of the spiral staircase

Cylinder Aquarium

In this photo you can see the black coating applied to the aquarium to conceal where the exhibit meets the walls and staircase.

Entering Cylinder

Plumbing runs and bonding of the exhibit needs to be accomplished from the inside.

Cylinder Aquarium Top

Sealing the bottom from the inside.

Cylinder Aquarium

Bonding of aquarium to the bottom and running filtration lines from the inside.

Coral Insert Installation

Our Crafted Coral Inserts provide a beautiful, top to bottom habitat for the aquarium specimens and also conceal necessary and extensive plumbing and filtration components.

Cylinder Reef Insert

Dry placement of Coral Reef Exhibitry

Cylinder Coral Reef

Top Section of reef insert being hoisted into place.

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