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450 Gallon Aquarium with Oak Raised Panel Cabinet and Canopy

450 Gallon Freestanding Rectangualar Aquarium with Raised Panel Oak Cabinet and full Height Canopy


This gorgeous example of a living coral reef aquarium was built from our standard equipment and components.  The aquarium is a 450 Gallon rectangular, 96 x 36 x 30 High.  To this we added our raised panel oak cabinet and a matching full height canopy.  The finish is a golden oak with a satin finish.  There is plenty of wide open space within the stand to house extensive filtration package including the sump, refugium, protein skimmer, and all the pumps and plumbing.  The drains and returns are concealed within two bottom and top skimming deluxe overflows.  On our full size canopies you will notice the ample room for working in your aquarium, feeding , and for the lighting systems.  All of the doors on our cabinets include snap on hidden hinge hardware.  That means you can fully open the doors, but also, you can clip them off the harware bases and remove them in an instant.  They snap back on just as quick and easy,  fantastic convenience feature.






450 Gallon Reef Tank

Our full height cabinet style canopy offers ample space for feeding and servicing.

450 Gallon Reef Aquarium

View down length of system shows radius machined in front corner.

450 Gallon on Raised Panel Oak

Our raised panel cabinets provide able space for extensive filtration components and servicing.

450 Gallon Reef Tank

Our cabinet style canopy offers ample space for feeding and maintenance and lighting packages.


  • Length Overall 100" 

  • Width Overall 38" 

  • Height  76"

  • Capacity approximately 450 gallons

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