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45' Shark Tank 

45’ Shark Tank Exhibit 

This custom installation is a 45’ long serpentine curve dividing the exhibit space.  At this size, the only feasible manufacturing technique is onsite construction.  We thermoformed each of the individual aquarium panels in our manufacturing facility and delivered them to the job site ready for placement and bonding.  The project required our crew to cast several vertical bonds on location and a finish and polishing of these bonds in place to bring them to full clarity.   The exhibit is supported on a curved steel stand.  Cast, molded stone panels were attached to this stand and the joints finished onsite forming the visually seamless and sculptural base.  An extensive filtration room is located on a lower level in the commercial building.  The varying, gentle curves of this display host an enormous array of fantastic and distinct views.  You might have seen this exhibit on an episode of The Bachelor along with an estimated 8 million other viewers.


Shark Coral Reef Exhibit

45 Foot Shark Tank Exhibit. Total capacity 4000 gallon

Shark Tank Exhibit

View down opposite side of the completed exhibit.

Tiburon Coral Reef

View of Coral Reef Tank

Early Aquarium Exhibit Construction

Early construction as viewing panels of the exhibit are placed and bonded on-site. Notice steel structural stand not yet fitted with stone work.

Placement of Aquarium Panels

Early in construction as the curved viewing panels are delivered, hoisted into place, and fitted for vertical bonding.

Acrylic aquarium machining

End cap being machined to fit for onsite vertical bonding.

Finishing the acrylic seams

Interior finish work of the vertical seams.

Polishing Exterior Acrylic Aquarium

Exterior vertical seams of the exhibit viewing panels are brought to full clarity. Notice the stone work now encasing the steel structure of the stand.


  • Length Overall 45 Feet

  • Width  48"

  • Height 90"

  • Capacity approximately 4000 gallons

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