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Quarter Cylinder Corner Aquarium

Quarter Cylinder Corner Aquarium Display on Natural Cherry  

This custom display is a perfect example of how to turn an otherwise awkward design compromise into a visual design asset.  This quarter cylinder aquarium was built to conceal a mechanical chase which housed ventilation, electrical and plumbing to the upper levels.  The mechanicals had to be there but they were visually unappealing and took up much of the corner.    A quarter cylinder was designed to build a shell around the whole works.  The aquarium itself is flat faced as opposed to a curved face aquarium.  The client loved the cylinder look but did not want the magnifying effect you will naturally enjoy with a curved panel.   We constructed the aquarium with three flat facets facing into the room and there is no perceptible magnifying distortion.   The cabinetry is constructed of bent natural cherry and it is the design and construction of the cabinet, not the aquarium, that lends itself to the quarter cylinder shape of this display.  On the far right of the cabinet, a space was included in the build to house components for a media center.

Quarter Cylinder Natural Cherry

Quarter Cylinder Corner Wall finished in natural cherry.

Plans of the quarter cylinder_edited

The quarter cylinder display is actually made of a flat faced aquarium built into a curved cabinet design.


  • Length Overall 120" 

  • Width Overall 22"

  • Height  88"

  • Capacity approximately 250 gallons

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