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Porthole Window Aquarium

Porthole Aquarium Room Divider  

Pictured is a dual aquarium installation set up as a conference room divider.  Two rectangular aquariums were utilized to work around an existing building support element.  It would be possible, and often design preferred, to construct a single aquarium onsite, surrounding the support, however, for this particular installation, the two aquariums was a better alternative.  The aquariums are two of our standard rectangular.  The tops were adapted to add stone waterfall features, falling back into the displays.  A stone veneer was added as a canopy and echoed around the base.   We constructed the shipwreck  theme  of  natural oak timbers and custom blown glass buoys.  Upper glass behind the waterfall tops and above,continues the separation of the conference room, shielding sound and adding privacy.



Porthole Window View Aquarium

Porthole Aquarium Window

Porthole Aquarium

Porthole Aquarium showing wood face removed during filling.

Porthole Aquarium Cabinet

Porthole cabinetry in place ready for the aquarium.

Porthole Window Aquarium

Porthole aquarium with coral reef insert decor.


  • Length Overall 52" 

  • Width Overall 25"

  • Height  90"

  • Capacity approximately 250 gallons

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