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Peninsula Aquarium Half Wall Room Divider


Peninsula Half Wall Living Reef Aquarium on Contemporary Panel Maple Cabinet


This  peninsula aquarium system is built to form a half wall room divider.  It’s a great break between the separate living levels of this home. The cabinet is contemporary panel, with natural maple veneer and satin finish.  Stainless steel accents are added to make the rail,  canopy edge, and other horizontal embellishments.  On the sunken side a bank of floor level storage drawers were also designed in.  Filtration for the system is routed into the base cabinet and much of the rest of the island is used for home storage, display, and organization.  LED lighting is perfect for a living reef such as this and allows for a sleek canopy design.






Contemporary Panel Peninsula

The Cabinetry from this peninsula aquarium forms a half wall island.

Living Reef Aquarium Peninsula

Living Reef Aquarium is viewed from three sides and two levels.

Live Reef with Viewer on Other side

Mix of living corals and reef fish.

Close up View of Live Reef

Close up of living reef views down into sunken level music room.


  • Length Overall 14' Wall

  • Length Aquarium 96" 

  • Width Overall 26" 

  • Height  67" and  82" (sunken side)

  • Capacity approximately 300 gallons

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