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Peninsula Aquarium Entryway Divider

Peninsula Style Entry Room Divider
with Faceted Corners  

This peninsula style built-in is a fantastic use of space and creates a great entry and room divider.  The entry side is seen as a  simple continuation of the wall which draws the eye in and around a nice size aquarium display.  The aquarium  features faceted corners on this peninsula.  These angled panels ease eye and traffic flow around the display while offering tremendous visual interest to all areas surrounding.   With the faceted corners, this aquarium has 7 visible panels which individually face into an entryway, a living room, a staircase, a kitchen, a dining area, an entertainment room, and two hallways.  This aquarium was designed and built to fit right into the wall.  A cherry face frame and mill work is finished to the exterior to provide the access necessary for the filtration areas and top access. 

Entrance Room Divider Aquarium

Faceted Room Divider Peninsula Aquarium built into the wall with face frame access into base filtration.

Faceted Room Divider Aquarium

Peninsula Entry Room Divider from entry side. Built-in as extension of dividing wall.

Entrance Room Divider Aquarium


  • Length Overall 50" 

  • Width Overall 26"

  • Height  108"

  • Capacity approximately 230 gallons

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