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Freestanding Aquarium on White Laminate


Freestanding Bent Corner Aquarium on White Laminate with Rounded Corners


Here is a nice midsize aquarium installation filling a design need.  This is a freestanding system built to tuck into an existing little alcove off the entrance of this home.  Without it, the corner was dark,  tough to furnish, and being right at the entrance, was a central  focus.   We built a fairly standard rectangular aquarium design.  The aquarium has rounded, thermo-formed front corners and the stand and canopy echo this same rounded edge.  This softens the edge, keeps it child friendly, and is a nice clean look.   Filtration package and plumbing is housed in the cabinet and components remain out of sight.  You can see in the photos how well the aquarium system tucks into the niche. This turn-key system turns a conspicuous dark corner, into a bright, clean, interior design asset.  An aquarium system can really add something special to a space.





Freestanding Aquarium Laminate Stand

Freestanding aquarium designed to tuck into existing alcove area and match existing decor.

Free Standing Laminate

Freestanding Aquarium on white laminate cabinet. Rounded corners on cabinet and aquarium.


  • Length Overall 36" 

  • Width Overall 26" 

  • Height  73"

  • Capacity approximately 100 gallons

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