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Freestanding Live Reef Cylinder

Cylinder Aquariums can make the some of the most breathtaking displays. This 16’ diameter cylinder is home to a living coral reef exhibit. Occupants include several species of Indonesian coral, sponges, live rock, and encrusting invertebrates. Schools of colorful tropical marine fish swim in an endless and ever-changing whirl of exotic life. Upon close inspection, you will discover crabs, shrimps, and starfish making their way across the reef surfaces and bottom substrate. The stand and canopy are made of Solid Surfacing panels cut to fit and attached to the solid steel substructure.  An inner filtration and mechanical chase accommodates the necessary filtration, venting, and affords the service access necessary to perform all maintenance from the inside.   Components were prefabricated at our facility packed into a container and shipped overseas. Our crew utilized our polymerized joint technology, creating clear seams, to join the curved panels, completing the project on-site in Taegu, South Korea.
16" Diameter Cylinder Live Reef

16' Diameter Coral Reef

Freestanding Cylinder Reef

Freestanding Cylinder Reef Aquarium


Overflow as seen from the center maintenance chase.

Live Reef Cylinder

Live Reef Cylinder


Original Concept Drawing

Early Construction

Early construction after delivery of components onsite.

Plumbing Filters

Place of filtration components and plumbing runs within the steel stand structure.

Internal Finishing

Finishing and polishing of the bonded seams on the inside of the exhibit.

External Finishing

Finishing the bond joints on the exhibit exterior.


Layout and attachment of the Solid Surface Shell


Nearing dry completion.


  • Diameter 16 Foot 

  • Height 120"

  • Capacity approximately 3300 gallons  

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