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Built-in Display Case Aquarium with Lighted Satellite Displays

Built-in Display Case Wall Aquarium 

Here we were asked to fill an entire wall and include an aquarium display, with some additional storage and display needs.  We used one of our standard rectangular aquariums on our standard cabinet base with built in filtration inside.  To finish out the wall we added satellite cabinets.  These satellites, offer storage below, with adjustable shelves, perfect for books, games, blankets, etc. for this family room.  Above are full open, LED lighted, display cases with adjustable glass shelves to show off art pieces and collectibles.  We continued the black stone mantel into the canopy of the aquarium to tie the whole wall into the rest of the room design.  The effect is a full wall display, built-in custom look , while needing to only partially customize otherwise fairly standard components.   The cabinetry is our square raised panel in Natural Maple with clear satin finish.




Built-in Display Case Wall Aquarium

Built-in Display Case Wall Aquarium with with satellite display cases. finished in natural maple.

Display Case Wall Aquarium

Display case wall aquarium, bookshelf aquarium in natural maple.

Built-in Display case Aquarium

Built-in display Case Aquarium with lighted satellite display cases.

Birch Cabinet With Satellites

Satellite cabinets are a fairly common addition to an aquarium display. Pictured here are reeded glass fronted satellite cabinets. A nice accent to fill a space and blend an aquarium display seamlessly into existing decor.


  • Length Overall 10 Feet

  • Width Overall 16"

  • Height  70"

  • Capacity approximately 110 gallons

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