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Atrium Room Divider Aquarium 

7' Atrium Room Divider Aquarium 

Room Divider aquariums are a fantastic architectural tool and design element to add a physical barrier that is not  an imposing visual barrier.  They will allow for ambient light to diffuse as well cast illumination from the aquarium system lighting itself.  They are an advantageous option for visual interest and design to what would otherwise be just another cold wall.  This particular installation featured divides an entryway atrium from the waiting room.   The display was built from some of our fairly standard components.  A standard rectangular aquarium, standard steel structural stand, surrounded with a laminate shell and doors with some custom embellishments, to match the rest of the facilities cabinetry.  A very clean straight forward design.



Atrium Entry Room Divider Aquarium

Atrium room divider aquarium separates lobby entry from childrens waiting area,

Laminate doors on steel stand

Standard style laminate doors with a custom little design flair, alluminum reveal, to compliment the interior design feel of the rest of the facility

2012-08-23 14.33.50_edited


  • Length Overall 86"

  • Width Overall 27"

  • Height  84"

  • Capacity approximately 340 gallons

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