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12' Long Freestanding Archway 

 Freestanding Arch Aquarium

     Arch Aquariums make for a most memorable viewing experience.  We have utilized them in various form and size, as room entrances, tunnels,  passages, as well as freestanding displays such as the pictured exhibit.  An arch aquarium yields that unique experience of walking right under the tunnel section of water and looking up to see the aquarium specimens swirling back and forth overhead.  Diving to explore the depths of the separate columns on either side.  This exhibit envelops you.  It is as close to swimming with the fish you can be, without getting wet. 

     The display pictured features Our Solid Maple Cabinetry and Millwork Surrounding  our full Steel Frame Structural Stand.  Filtration is all contained in and accessed through the aquarium stand bases.  Plumbing and electrical lines, are designed to run through the Coral Reef Inserts and remain hidden from view.  This exhibit is delivered as complete components, finish assembled by our crew onsite.


Arch Aquarium Exhibit

12' Arch Tunnel Aquarium

Arch Aquarium Side View

Arch Aquarium Side View

Arch Span Aquarium

Archway Aquarium

Archway Interior

Archway Aquarium Interior

Scheels Arch Aquarium

Standing within the Archway

Delivery and Installation

Component Delivery Day for Installation.

Archway Installation

Component placement onsite.

Arch Aquarium Joining

Joining the component structures of the aquarium. Affixing of arch section to bottom columns.

Coral Reef Inserts

Coral Reef Inserts ready for addition to complete exhibit before filling.

Aquarium Installation Crew

Day 2 onsite with installation crew. Project filled and complete.

Golden Puffer

Golden puffer specimen checking out the new digs.


  • Length Overall 150"

  • Width  46"

  • Height 120"

  • Capacity approximately 1000 gallons

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