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10' Angle Cut Corner Aquarium 

Angle Cut Corner Aquarium 
An angle cut corner on one or more sides of an aquarium, is a great design option for an otherwise rectangular display.  The angles offer more viewing faces to the room.  Also, it adds a sculptural element to the design, possibly making the display more visually appealing in a particular space than a simple box, rectangular design could.  One of the greatest  advantages however, is the ease of traffic flow around the corner.  You don’t have to step around a protruding square angle.  This can make a display far more approachable, enjoyable, and design specific for a given space. 


Gem Cut Angle Corner 10' Aquarium

Installed Gem Cut Angle Corner 10' Aquarium.

Gem Cut Angle Corner 10'

We designed this10' Reef Aquarium with an angle cut corner to ease traffic flow around the dining table. Instead of a sharp 90' angle protruding into the room, a comfortable angled panel eases back to the wall.

10' Aquarium canopy

Attaching the crown molding to the canopy face frames. Notice the large door openings. These are flush with the aquarium top for comfortable and efficient maintenance access.

Raised Panel Door Panels

Cart of component parts for raised panel doors are fitted and assembled.

Hand Finishing

This particular finish required a hand rubbed oil application.


  • Length Overall 10.5 Feet

  • Width Overall 28"

  • Height  90"

  • Capacity approximately 400 gallons

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