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Alcove Bowfront Aquarium 

Alcove Bowfront in Curved Contemprary Panel Cherry  

This bowfront aquarium tucks into an alcove cut deep into the wall of this game room.  This is a fairly large aquarium, but most of the structure sits deep within the niche.  Only the gentle bow of the curved front aquarium protrudes into the room.  The front to back depth of this installation adds a lot of dimension, it actually make the room look bigger.  Solid Cherry trim frames the space and the canopy and cabinet doors are formed curved panels, finished in a select cherry, natural wood, veneer.   This system was

 featured in the Parade of Homes.



Bowfront Alcove Aquarium

Tall Bow front aquarium tucks into deep alcove for a whole lot of added depth.

Alcove Bowfront Aquarium

Curved contemporary style panels complete the doors for the canopy and the base cabinet.

Alcove Bowfront in Cherry

Great splash of light and life to this basement game room.


  • Length Overall 46" 

  • Width Overall 30"

  • Height  108"

  • Capacity approximately 275 gallons

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